Debarati Mukhopadhyay is presently one of the most popular authors of Bengali Literature.
A young Government Officer by profession, she rose to fame within a very short span and has written more than 20 bestseller novels like Ishwarer Antim Shwas, Dakatraja, Shikhandi, Ishwar Jakhan Bandi etc. Her novel ‘Narach’, an iconic period novel depicting Indentured Labourers of 19th Century, is highly acclaimed among readers and has been published by Harper Collins.
‘Swastik Sanket, a ‘Nazi Eugenics’ movie has been released which is based on her novel ‘Narak Sanket’.
Her Novel ‘Dashgupta Travels’, which is about the corporate world, Bengal entrepreneurs and Europe tourism has been shortlisted for ‘Sahitya Akademi Yuva Pursakar, 2021’.
Her Novel ‘Ranrkahini’ is being presently made into film by the most reputed production house of Eastern India. Her Novel ‘Shikhandi’ created a history when it was acquired for film within 24 hours of it’s publication.
Beside this, she contributes in Bengal’s prominent literary magazines and journals regularly. Her books are highly appraised by both critical and commercial readers. Each of her novel has knowledge enriched and USP of her writing is unique, quirky content with strong basis of immensely hard worked research, which pulled her up to this much popularity. Having lakhs of followers in social media, she voluntarily guides aspirants for Government job preparation.
A travel freak enthusiastic lady by nature, mom of an infant, an excellent orator, she motivates people through her way of positive thinking. She’s a regular speaker in esteemed educational and spiritual institutions of our country and often considered as youth icon of Bengal.
She has been conferred with prestigious Indian Express Devi Award, 2022, Tagore Samman, 2022 etc.